> 10M UK Plug to C13 Mains Power Cable Black

10M UK Plug to C13 Mains Power Cable Black

A standard UK mains power cable used for powering items such as PC’s, monitors, TV’s etc. from a UK power supply.

Features high quality components making this cable suitable for use in both the home or professional environments with a wide range of electrical products.


  • • Also known as a kettle lead
    • Fully moulded UK plug comes fitted with a 5 amp fuse
    • Plug is fully tested and ASTA approved
    • Cable and connector are fully tested and CE approved
    • Conforms to the BS1363/A British Standards & Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations
    • A flexible moulded collar at the end of the connector protects the internal wires from any undue stresses or strains
    • No packaging - cables are supplied single hanked
    • Lifetime cable warranty


  • • Connector 1: UK Plug
    • Connector 2: C13 IEC Female
    • Plug: Fused at 5 amps
    • Plug: Rated 13 amps
    • Cable: 1mm2
    • Cable length: 10M
    • Colour: Black

Packaging Detail

  • • Product bag dimensions: N/A
    • Packaging material: N/A
    • Packaging weight: N/A
    • Product weight: 0.85Kg
    • Box qty: 20
    • Carton size: 400 x 320 x 320mm
    • Carton weight: 0.7Kg
    • Total carton weight: TBA
    • Country of origin: China

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