> RJ45 Coupler Cat 5e Shielded

RJ45 Coupler Cat 5e Shielded

Allows you to connect two shielded Cat 5e network cables together providing a female to female feed through connection. Ideal for extending existing cabling installations whilst maintaining optimum performance.

Simply plug two Cat 5e cables into each end of the coupler to meet the cabling distance required.


  • • Shielding helps reduce interference and all but eliminates alien crosstalk greatly improving noise resistance making an ideal cable for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interference) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc.
    • Requires no termination - simply plug the cables into the coupler
    • Provides a high performance transmission that meets Cat 5e standards
    • Supplied in full retail packaging
    • Lifetime cable warranty


  • • Connector 1: RJ45 Female
    • Connector 2: RJ45 Female
    • Colour: Silver

Packaging Detail

  • • Product bag dimensions: 100 x 225mm (W x H)
    • Packaging material: Plastic
    • Packaging weight: 0.0025Kg
    • Product and packaging weight: 0.01Kg
    • Box qty: 400
    • Carton size: 370 x 280 x 410mm
    • Carton weight: 0.4Kg
    • Total carton weight: 8Kg
    • Country of origin: China

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