> 1M Yellow LC to LC 9/125 Micron OS2 Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Cable Singlemode LSZH

1M Yellow LC to LC 9/125 Micron OS2 Duplex Fibre Optic Patch Cable Singlemode LSZH

Used to connect active components of a fibre optic system usually from the front of a patch panel allowing very high speed communication

A cost-effective solution providing lower loss and higher bandwidth along longer distances. Ideal for up to 10 gigabit ethernet applications


  • • A technology that uses glass threads (fibres) to transmit data
    • A fibre optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads each capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves
    • Used for hubs and switches to communicate at very high speed
    • Fibre optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables allowing them to carry more data
    • Fibre optic cables are less susceptible to interference and alien crosstalk greatly improving noise resistance making an ideal cable for use in EMI (electro-magnetic interference) environments such as factories, power stations, data centres, hospitals etc.
    • Fibre optic cables are much lightet and much thinner than metal cables resulting in them taking up less space
    • Data can be transmitted digitally (the natural form for computer data) rather than analogically
    • LSZH (LS0H): Short for low smoke zero halogen.
    • The low smoke aspect means in the event of a fire the cables will melt rather than burn a clear smoke is emitted instead of a very dangerous black smoke.
    • The Zero Halogen aspect means most network cables are made with plastic containing Chlorine. In a fire, a halogen-containing plastic material releases a poisonous gas that forms hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with water. Chlorine -free cables do not produce dangerous gases or acids. This specification of cable would be required for environments such as Schools, Government buildings, MOD etc.
    • A flexible moulded collar at the end of the connector protects the internal fibres from any undue stresses or strains
    • Lifetime cable warranty


  • • Connector 1: LC Male
    • Connector 2: LC Male

Packaging Detail

  • • Product bag dimensions: 230 x 230mm (W x H)
    • Packaging material: Plastic
    • Packaging weight: 0.006Kg
    • Product and packaging weight: 0.015Kg
    • Box qty: 50
    • Carton size: TBA
    • Carton weight: TBA
    • Total carton weight: TBA
    • Country of origin: China

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