> HP531 Stereo Mobile Headset with In-Line Microphone

HP531 Stereo Mobile Headset with In-Line Microphone

Want a set of headphones that are high quality, with outstanding sound clarity, & all for a great price? ........well here you have them! The HP531 MOBILE headphones!

Enjoy your music at home, work or when travelling from your favourite audio devices! Compatible with music players, mobile phones & tablet PC’s for all round functionality. Over-head style headphones with adjustable, padded headband and faux leather, soft and luxuriously padded ear cushions give users total comfort all day, every day!


  • • Easy to use built-in remote: Featuring essential functions including: Pause, skip to next song, activate voice control, answer & end incoming calls.
    • 3.5mm jack plug for universal compatibility including most MP3 players, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops etc
    • Right angled connector lies flat against your device rather than petruding upwards for added comfort when carrying in your pocket. Also prevents damage to the connector, accidental removal & provides less stress on the cable.
    • Built-in microphone makes an easy switch between music & incoming calls, carry out your phone calls without removing your headphones.
    • Acoustic technology creates more depth & clarity to your music resulting in a high performance sound experience
    • Enjoy an array of musical genres such as rock, pop, classical and many others with a wide range of high, low and mid-range sounds
    • Around ear cushioned pads side steps most of the comfort issues of ‘on-ear’ earpads as the padding rests on the less sensitive area of your ears rather than directly on them ensuring a long lasting comfortable fit. They also offer low level noise isolation allowing you to hear less noise & more music!
    • The amount of music that can be heard by others including those sat next to you is reduced, an additional advantage of the around ear cushioned pads
    • The padded headband can be adjusted by approximately 35mm each side creating a perfect fit for all
    • 40mm drivers and broad frequency range provides rich stereo sound clarity
    • An all round premium style headset boasting robustness and durability that will handle commuting life well!
    • Supplied in full retail packaging


  • • Compatibility: Mobile
    • Colour: Black/Red
    • Microphone style: In-line
    • Noise reducing microphone: Yes
    • Driver unit: 40mm
    • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Sensitivity: 105dB S.P.L at 1KHz
    • Connectivity: 3.5mm Jack Plug (RTTS)
    • Ear cup type: Over ear
    • Ear cup material: Faux leather
    • Headband type: Adjustable
    • Headband material: Faux leather
    • Controller location: In-line
    • Cable length: 1.8M

Packaging Detail

  • • Product box dimensions: 210 x 250 x 88 (W x H x D)
    • Primary packaging material: Cardboard 
    • Primary packaging weight: 0.01410Kg
    • Secondary packaging material: Plastic
    • Secondary packaging weight: 0.0185Kg
    • Product weight: 0.3174Kg
    • Product and packaging weight: 0.35Kg
    • Box qty: 14
    • Carton size: 495 x 230 x 665mm 
    • Total carton weight: 5.6Kg 
    • Country of origin: China

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