> Laptop/Notebook Combination Keyed Security Lock

Laptop/Notebook Combination Keyed Security Lock

An effective, convenient & fast security system to protect your laptop/notebook from theft. Perfect for use in the office or home.

Compatible with the industry standard locking system.


  • • Highest level of security with disc style combination lock, 2 layers of cable strength: tempered cable and an external PVC sheath
    • Multi-stranded 1800mm long, 3.7mm thick steel cable with tempered steel core
    • The keyless four wheel combination lock offers a choice of 10,000 possible combinations
    • Resettable - the combination can be changed to a new code whenever you wish
    • No screws or brackets to disfigure your PC, attaches to the built in security slot found on laptop/notebook PC’s
    • Easy 4 step process
    • Step 1: Loop the cable around any immovable object
    • Step 2: Slip the chrome lock through the loop
    • Step 3: Attach the lock to the built in security on the Notebook/Laptop
    • Step 4: Set the combination
    • Supplied in full retail packaging
    • 1 Year warranty


  • • Cable construction: 7 x 7
    • Cable length (ft/m): 6/1.8
    • Cable thickness (mm): 3.7
    • 1 x cable with combination style lock
    • T-bar lock head

Packaging Detail

  • • Product blister dimensions: 150 x 200 x 30mm (W x H x D)
    • Primary packaging material: Plastic
    • Primary packaging weight: 0.028Kg
    • Secondary packaging material: Cardboard
    • Secondary packaging weight: 0.0045Kg
    • Product and packaging weight: 0.25Kg
    • Box qty: 50
    • Carton size: 520 x 400 x 300mm 
    • Total carton weight: 8.9Kg
    • Country of origin: China

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