> HDMI Coupler Female to Female

HDMI Coupler Female to Female

Allows you to connect two HDMI cables together providing a female to female feed through connection. Ideal for extending existing cabling installations whilst maintaining optimum performance.

Simply plug two HDMI cables into each end of the coupler to meet the cabling distance required.


  • • Requires no termination - simply plug the cables into the coupler
    • Provides a high performance transmission that meets HDMI standards
    • Additionally can be used as a gender changer where a male HDMI connector needs to be converted to a female connector
    • Gold plated connectors provide greater connectivity for a smooth and secure signal transfer enhancing your overall experience
    • Lifetime cable warranty


  • • Connector 1: HDMI Type A Female
    • Connector 2: HDMI Type A Female
    • Gold plated contacts
    • Gold plated connectors
    • Colour: Black

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