> HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter (HDMI Source) No Audio

HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter (HDMI Source) No Audio

HDMI to VGA adapter provides a high-performance connection from your HDMI source to your VGA display.

This handy adapter eliminates the need to replace equipment by allowing your HDMI device to be connected to a display that uses the older VGA technology whilst retaining exceptional picture quality.


  • • High quality HDMI to VGA adapters are ideal for use in office & home installations
    • Features an additional port for audio (3.5mm socket) allowing you to plug in your headset or speakers
    • Primarily a HDMI powered adapter however an additional power supply can be plugged in to support low powered devices such as cameras or video cameras (via the USB micro socket on the adapter to a USB port on your device)
    • Supports Full HD (High Definition) display - 1920 pixels (horizontal) x 1080 pixels (vertical) of resolution
    • The HDMI video signal from the output device is converted to a VGA output
    • Features 2 channel stereo audio for left and right speaker sound
    • Gold plated connectors provide greater connectivity for a smooth and secure signal transfer enhancing your overall experience
    • Supports hot plug detection eliminating the need to re-boot your PC
    • Supplied in full retail packaging
    • Lifetime cable warranty


  • • Connector 1: HDMI Type A Male
    • Connector 2: VGA Female (HD15F)
    • Connector 3: USB Micro Socket (Power)
    • Connector 4: 3.5mm Socket (Audio)
    • Colour: Black

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