> 1.8M Kensington Desktop Key security lock

1.8M Kensington Desktop Key security lock

The enhanced Kensington Desktop MicroSaver Computer Key Lock and Cable Security is stronger than ever, providing peace of mind with an improved tubular key to provide greater security.

You can use the same master keyed system to lock up both desktop and notebook computers, as well as printers, fax machines, or multiple office devices. The MicroSaver Desktop provides a system-wide custom-keyed solution.


  • • Kensington Edge: Cable and lock device to secure desktop computers and other valuable office hardware - plates attach to any item.
    • Strong, light, 6 foot steel cable daisy-chains and locks equipment together and to immoveable anchor.
    • Dome-shaped plates resist wrenching, hammering and prying with no raised portions which are vulnerable to physical attack.
    • Pin tumbler keyed lock
    • Super-strength glue withstands up to 750 pounds of pull.


  • • 1 x 1.8M (6ft) Cable
    • 1 x Lock
    • 2 x keys
    • 3 x Dome shaped plates
    • 1 x Super strength glue
    • 1 x Alcohol prep pad

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