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USB OTG Adapters
Transform your USB PORTS

with our range of USB adapters featuring OTG FUNCTION

Why do you need them?

Your need an adapter featuring OTG Function that will connect your USB devices with differing connections, that will provide high performance data transfer speeds and error free transmission along with charge & sync capabilities.

USB OTG Adapters

What do they do?

Transforms a USB port on your device to your chosen type allowing you to connect your USB devices together.

These adapters feature OTG Function, this will enable your smartphone or tablet to become the main device. If an adapter without OTG Function is used, your phone will be set as the storage device and your computer the main device.

Product details

  • 5Gbps transmission speed when
    used with a USB 3.1 PC and device
    (26-0440 adapter: 480 Mbps)
  • Move large files or transfer movies in seconds
  • Mac (Thunderbolt 3) compatible
  • Chromebook (DisplayPort over Type C) compatible
  • Small, compact and portable design
  • Lifetime warranty


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